• Established in 1999
  • International Standard Facilities
  • Regional Based
  • International Quality Standards


One of the newest oil terminals on the the Black Sea coast having the most modern storage, throughput and logistical facilities fully complying with the international quality and safety requirements.




Poti Oil Storage Terminal

Channel Energy was set up in 1999 to offer a fresh approach to the business of energy storage in the Caucasus that had been part of the region’s history since the mid 1870’s. Just over a decade ago, the industry and its facilities had become severely rundown, bereft of investment or imagination and wallowing in its 19th Century beginnings.

In conjunction with the international funding organization, EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) and other partners, we have created and continue to deliver new international standard facilities and services in the part-derelict Georgian ports of Poti and Batumi and have in the process breathed new life into both the industry and region.

With invaluable expertise from EBRD, Channel Energy’s developments have been planned and delivered with the environment at the forefront. The company has been granted all required sector-specific ISO quality certification.

The Terminal was part of the enlargement project of the Poti Sea Port and provides an important service to importers and exporters and an alternative to the other Georgian Terminals located at Batumi and Kulevi.

The Terminal historically has been fully supported by offtake agreements with major oil and trading companies active in the region. Channel Energy continues to work with energy trading companies and energy majors who conform to our exacting business standards.

We see our mission in rebuilding and reinvigorating the energy storage industry in the Georgian port, and in facilitating the energy transfer industry from the Caspian Basin to the global markets via our terminals on the Black Sea.

Our services

Channel Energy provides storage, throughput and logistical facilities for a comprehensive range of cargoes and provides terminals equipped with rail (RTC) receiving platforms and ship transfer services for oil, light fuels and petrochemicals.

Why us

 – Regionally based
 – The only new storage facilities in Georgia complying international quality standards
 – Established regional suppliers
 – Established rail and sea transport partners and network
 – Continually demonstrated excellent turnaround time for both RTC and Ship traffic