• Established in March 2009
  • Energy Transport Solutions
  • Region’s Transit Expert
  • Excellent Reliability Resources



Tepco was established within the Group to provide energy transit solutions to complement a sister storage company and enable the Group to deliver a turnkey service throughout the Caspian, Caucasus, and Black Sea regions.

Subsidiary of Petrocas Energy Group (PEG), in long term partnership with Batumi and Poti Oil Terminals, Tepco is a forwarding company involved in international transportation of clean refined oil products from the oil-rich Caspian Region to the Black Sea ports for westward export markets and has a transhipment agreement with Batumi Oil Terminal as well as an ownership in Poti Oil Terminal.We also provide transport solutions to Georgia, the Caspian Basin and NATO bases in Afghanistan via Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea and Turkmenistan. Tepco provides the rail and vessel transportation services for shipment of a comprehensive range of oil, petroleum and petrochemical cargoes from the Caspian refineries to the Black Sea oil terminals.

We offer guaranteed, safe and reliable East-to-West and West-to-East transit and delivery through the Georgian, Azeri and Caspian oil corridors.

Competitive advantage

– Regionally based
– Established regional suppliers
– Established rail network
– Established vessel transportation
– Excellent reliability record
– Guaranteed safe passage of cargo
– Part of a vertically integrated energy group