Performance highlights




Important Link in Global Energy Chain
We are a diversified investment group that provides a full set of integrated services for transit, trading, forwarding, logistics, storage, and retail. We deliver oil products and petrochemicals from the Caspian Region and Central Asia via South Caucasus to the shores of the Black Sea ports on the rout that’s known as the Silk Road.
It is direct and short but important link on a global energy map. Totally the Caspian Region share in global oil production is 2.6 million barrels per day (3.4% of total world supply) and will reach 4.3 million barrels per day by 2025. According to the World Bank analysis of production, consumption and imports indicates that by 2020, regional exports are expected to nearly double to over 150 million tpa, and by 2025, to 200 million tpa.

Quality of Services
The Group has the most technically advanced storage terminal in Georgia that stipulates the Group’s readiness to take high quality Caspian oil products and to service increased volumes when the production and the quality of the products that are envisaged to be exported from the Asian markets in the future are brought in line with the international standards.
Our services and activities, included but, not limited to, trading, forwarding and supply to handling and storage of oil and petrochemicals.
The Group also owns one of the largest retail petrol stations in Georgia operating under the world-renowned brand – GULF Oil International.

Doing Business With Us
We build reliable partnerships across the region by delivering high quality products to our customers. Our Group is well positioned in the region and through its network of stakeholders assures reliable services and performance.

Risk Management
Petrocas Energy Group runs financial and operational risks connected with transporting commodities and logistic services in considerable volumes.
Our holding objectives are achieving in all aspects of the risk management field. We continuously invest in our infrastructure. We drive constantly to reach the highest criteria in Quality Services, Operational Risk Management with respect to our trading, storage, logistics, retail activities, and sustain these principles wherever we operate. In line with Human Capital Risk Management our team embraces corporate culture, emphasizes the values of competency, accountability, responsibility and communication skills.